Solving the Health & Fitness Puzzle 

Exercise, Nutrition, Education and Supplements


Bill Ross Fitness Solutions delivers custom health solutions designed to meet your overall goals. Top professional athletes have “strength & conditioning” coaches. BRFS serves as your personal “health” coach by focusing on exercise, nutrition, education and supplements to help you achieve peak performance and reach your personal health goals.

Your Personal Health Coach

Health, Strength and Conditioning

  • Experience a Fitness Environment Like No Other

  • Learn Performance Secrets of Professional Athletes

  • Work from a Plan Customized for Your Unique Body & Mind

  • Achieve Dramatic Results with Efficient 30-Minute Workouts

  • Learn How Small Changes in Nutrition Will Magnify Your Results

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance and enrich your quality of life - both physically and mentally - by developing a leaner, stronger body, an optimistic inner spirit, and a healthier self image


What People are Saying About BRFS


Our Client Reviews

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My doctor is the one who sent me to Bill Ross and I’m glad he did! I’ve never felt better!

Life changing are the results I’ve gotten from my time at Bill Ross Fitness Solutions. They can do the same for you!

A caring atmosphere and no judgment, that’s what you’ll get at Bill Ross Fitness solutions. They succeed when you succeed! 

Greg Ellis
Bunker to Bunker THE Golf Show