Our Team

A Unified Approach that Delivers Consistent / Predictable Results

Every member of our training staff has been immersed in our philosophy and approach. This assures you that no matter which trainer you are using, you will be receiving guidance that is tied directly to your overall plan.

Bill Ross

Owner / Trainer


Bill Ross is the owner of Bill Ross Fitness Solutions. Bill worked in Major League Baseball with the Kansas City Royals, giving him the opportunity to train such high-profile athletes as Bo Jackson, George Brett and many others. Bill has also worked with professional athletes in football, basketball, golf, auto racing and other sports.

A fixture on Phoenix radio for many years, Bill founded Major League Conditioning Centers in 1988, and has worked with thousands of athletes since then at all levels, bringing them his balanced approach to fitness and injury prevention. He is also a nationally recognized public speaker and the author of The Fitness Puzzle. Bill is a graduate of Vanderbilt University and has done post-graduate work at Arizona State University and Phoenix Community College. He is a certified blood microscopist, as well as a certified personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise. Bill also holds a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

In 2019, Bill’s changed the name of his business from "Major League Conditioning Centers" to "Bill Ross Fitness Solutions" to emphasize the fact that his approach delivers life-changing results for everyone - not just elite athletes. With a focus on the four pieces of the fitness puzzle - exercise, nutrition, education and supplements, Bill opened his new training center in North Central Phoenix.

In his spare time, Bill is an avid golfer and loves competing in tournaments against some of the best golfers. He also enjoys playing guitar, 60’s muscle cars, watching movies and sports – and eating cheeseburgers!

Kim Clark

Manager / Trainer


Kim first met Bill Ross in 1994 when she hired him as her personal trainer. Three years later, at Bill’s urging, she became his first employee.

Prior to working in the fitness business, Kim was the art director at a large sign company. During that time, she received her Associate Degree in General Studies from Glendale Community College. Now she is the manager, trainer and program designer for Bill Ross Fitness

When Kim is not working, she enjoys playing golf, caddying and being surrounded by nature.




Has a B.S. in Education with a Major in Exercise and Sport Sciences, and a Minor in various subjects. He has been a trainer for 30 years and is a member of various exercise/fitness associations. Mike strives to make a positive difference in someone’s life, become a mentor, coach, advocate…….ADOPT!!!! One of his favorite things to do is to follow and support the UofA Wildcats. “Bear Down!!!!”




Holds his personal training certification with the National Strength and Conditioning Association. Trained in the Functional Movement Screen he wants to see you get strong and keep you safe in the process. He's also a Chiropractic Assistant and has an eye for always keeping you in the proper posture. He loves to learn about the body and takes multiple continuing education courses annually. You can find him hiking around the state or at Dbacks stadium watching baseball. 




Anderson was born and raised here in Phoenix and loves nature watching on his mountain bike. He is a licensed personal trainer and massage therapist who has years of experience working in healthcare. Specializing in prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, Anderson enjoys helping people with whatever odd aches and pains they may be experiencing. He has worked with people of all sizes and ages and looks forward to working with whoever may be reading this.