Family Affair




Bill has put together an amazing program. After the first 4 weeks of training my results where way above expectations. I look forward to going to my workout every time. Bill and all his staff are great to work with.



Just getting started with this exercise routine. It is a real challenge for me. I’m happy that I’m doing it. I’m looking forward to excellent results and hopefully it will also improve the condition of my lower back.



I had never been excited to go to the gym but now I find myself eager to attend my next session. Bill Ross and the other fitness coaches have all made me feel like I'm the best me possible. And I know it can get better



Mind. Body. Soul. - the definition of Bill Ross Fitness Solutions. Bill and his incredible team focus on these 3 features in a short 30 minutes, 3 times a week, distinguishing this company from all others in the fitness industry. It’s safe to say I came to Bill Ross tired, sluggish, and disappointed in myself. The first step of my journey terrified me because I’d have to admit to a complete stranger how unhappy I was in my own body and how I had let myself go. Fast forward a few quick months and I have never felt more confident. Yes, physically I am so much stronger, my body is doing things I thought I would never be capable of. More importantly Bill and his team of trainers gave me the opportunity take back control of my life, my habits, and my positive thoughts. I’ve been able to turn the “I can’t” into “I can, and I will”. This staff has become family and words cannot describe the gratitude I feel towards this company and these people. If you are looking for a community of peers to support you, and your personal journey, in a nonjudgmental environment, this is the program for you. Thank you, Bill Ross and team, you’ve transformed my life.



Being a part of Bill Ross Fitness Solutions is so much more than just going to the gym. The trainers become like family to you and know who you are as a person. I know going through such a hard time they motivated me to not just get up and go but being there made me forget struggles I left at home. I physically feel so good about myself: so much stronger, and FEEL better than ever. Emotionally it is such a good place to leave all stress of life at the door. 30 minutes a day is so easy, and it becomes imbedded into my routine like its nothing. This place has changed my life positively in so many ways other than just getting fit.



These 30-minute workout sessions have been invaluable for me. Bill Ross and his team are really caring and have helped me to be stronger physically and mentally. The 30-minute workouts, three times a week, challenge me each and every time and the trainers take the time to teach the correct positions for each exercise, making sure I’m getting the most out of each one. I started with this program a short 8 weeks ago, in my 50’s, overweight and out of shape. I already have more strength, more energy, and some significant progress towards my weight loss goal.



I am a believer that this personalized fitness program can work for everyone, regardless of age, health, weight, previous training. 



My wife convinced me I needed to get back in shape or pay the consequences later in life.  I come from an athletic background so I was skeptical a 30-minute program would work.  One week later, my entire family was participating in the program.  Two months later five other extended family members were enrolled.  The program works, doesn’t consume an entire morning or afternoon, and the one on one instruction and motivation are what I needed to revitalize my enthusiasm for caring for myself!